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Rising popularity of memorial statues

Statues have been around for centuries and aside from a few exceptions they normally follow the same artistic formula but over the last few years there seems to be a growing trend in Poland for memorial statues (or “pomnik” in Polish). The first time I came across one of these was in Czestochowa on the central boulevard leading up to ... Read More »

Amazing drone videos of Poland

Drones (or Quadcopters) are becoming more and more popular. As technology improves and prices drop it has become much more affordable to own a remote controlled drone capable of taking high definition video or stills. Remote controlled aircraft have been used by hobbyists for years but the real game changer is that they can now carry cameras ! There is ... Read More »

Graffiti in Poland

bialsyok mural

Graffiti has long been considered environmental vandalism and I am not going to argue against that. Scrawling love notes onto a wall with a spray can does not add anything positive to the local environment and only encourages a further lack of respect from other vandal-wannabes. However, when does graffiti become “street-art” and what exactly is the definition of street ... Read More »