The Zloty is the official currency of Poland. Poland has not yet adopted the Euro and although there were hopes it would adopt the currency in 2011 these plans have been put on ice until the economic uncertainty blows over. So for the immediate future the only currency you can spend in Poland will be the Polish zloty. Over the last few years Polish Zloty has strengthened significantly against the British Pound but prices are still cheaper than here in the U.K.

Buying Polish Currency

There are several ways of buying Polish Zloty:-

  • 1/ Buying Zloty in the UK at travel agents, post office, banks etc.  This is probably the easiest form of getting your Zloty and shopping around can be worth the effort. The Post Office offers competitive exchange rates on the Polish Zloty and if you want to order your Polish Zloty then it’s very easy to do by clicking on the Post Office website.
  •  2/ Using an online company such as Travelex.  This can also be convenient as it’s possible to buy Polish currency over the internet and then simply collect the cash at one of the Travelex kiosks at the airport. My own experience has taught me that it’s cheaper to buy Polish Zloty in Poland than it is to buy over here, however, if you don’t want the hassle of finding a kantor in Poland and then I would thoroughly recommend buying from Travelex. Great deals on your foreign currency at With TRAVELEX you can  pre-order your foreign currency online and pick up at the airport before you depart. It’s the best price and commission free
  •  3/ Using ATM/Speedbank in Poland.  Another easy option and the rates usually work out better than UK rates after commission.
  •  4/ Using Kantors in Poland.  A Kantor is a kiosk or small office that specialises in the buying and selling of foreign currency. You will find them in every town and city and they generally offer a better rate of exchange than in the UK. When in larger cities you will find that the exchange rate in kantors improves the further you move away from the city centre or tourist traps.

Average prices in Poland

Petrol prices in Poland: The price of unleaded fuel is averaging about 5.00 zloty per litre (equivalent to approx. £ 1.07 a litre) as of October 2011. The price of fuel in Poland is cheaper than in the UK but not as cheap as it was a few years ago.

Eating out in Poland: Compared to UK prices then eating out in Poland is superb value for money. To illustrate this point we have an extract from the menu at Fukier’s Restaurant in Warsaw (arguably one of the most famous restaurants in the capital).

  •  Starter-Carpaccio-tartare with cognac and parmesan cheese (chopped sirloin)
  • Main-Polish veal cutlets with partridge egg and cucumber salad
  • Dessert-Poppy-seed cake with almond and amaretto cream

Total cost of this three course meal in one of Warsaw’s top restaurants ? £ 26.00 ! For a three course meal at a mid priced restaurant then expect to pay between £ 10 – £ 20 a head. All prices exclude drinks of course. Cigarette prices in Poland: Cigarette prices in Poland are some of the cheapest in the EU. A packet of 20 x Marlboro Red costs around 10 PLN which equates to approximately £ 1.97. Price of drinks in Poland: Drink prices in Poland are lower than in the UK. Approximate prices as from October 2011

Polish Beer 5 to 8 Zloty for 0.5 l
Foreign Beer 6 to 9 Zloty for 0.5 l
Zubrowka (Polish vodka) 6 Zloty for 30 ml
Shorts (Whisky etc) 8 to 10 Zloty for 40 ml
Fruit Juices 3 Zloty for 200 ml
Coffees (inc. espresso, latte etc) 5 to 15 Zloty


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