Maps of Poland

Map of Krakow

Although Krakow is perfect for wandering tourists some people prefer to know exactly where they are going and exactly how they are going to get back !

We have designed a tourist map of Krakow Old Town (with the help of our friends from Google). This map of Krakow displays every street in the city and all the tourist landmarks have been highlighted for your convenience.

Map of Krakow (including Krakow tourist sights)


Map of Warsaw

Warsaw isn’t as easily to navigate on foot as Krakow and therefore having a map of Warsaw is well advised. The city covers a very large area and many of the tourist sights in Warsaw are a fair distance away from each other.

Check our street map of Warsaw including tourist sights and proximity to Warsaw airport. We have also included a link to a map of Warsaw metro.

Map of Warsaw (including tourist sights)
Map of Warsaw Metro


Map of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is similar in some ways to Krakow in that may of the tourist sights in the city are easy to reach by foot. Our street map of Wroclaw displays all the main tourist sights in Wroclaw including the Main Square and University.

Map of Wroclaw (including tourist sights)


Map of Gdansk (including Gdynia & Sopot)

The towns of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot are commonly known as the Tri-City.
All three towns are well worth exploring as each town is only a 15 minute drive from each other. Our street map of Gdansk includes all the major tourist sights as well as maps of Gdynia and Sopot.

Map of Tri City
(including tourist sights)


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