Nightlife in Krakow

10. Propaganda

Raise a glass to Uncle Lenin in this tongue in cheek homage to the Communist era.

9. Alchemia

For those who want something different to dance music then Alchemia may be the remedy. Plays host to some of the best live music in town.


 8. Taawa

Based in the Kazimierz district of Krakow, Taawa adds serious competition to some of Krakow’s more popular venues. Can be difficult to get past the door staff if you don’t have the right face.


 7. Pauza

One of the best clubs in the Old Town of Krakow. With a very arty and fashion-conscious crowd this club attracts large crowds during the weekend. Very nearly didn’t make it into our top ten due to their atrocious website.

6. Frantic

One of the many cellar clubs in Krakow, Frantic has carved a niche for itself as host to many of the best DJ’s around. Good meeting place for the young and the beautiful.

5. Baroque

Krakow has a great choice of cocktail bars and Baroque and Paparazzi are the cream of the crop. Nice garden area which is very popular in the summer.


4. Paparazzi

With bars in most of the major Polish cities Paparazzi is an upmarket bar with a strong reputation. The best cocktail bar in town.

3. Stalowe Magnolia

Not as trendy as some of the other clubs in our top ten this doesn’t detract from the fact that Stalowe Magnolia still has a great reputation in Krakow as being one of the best clubs to go to for a good night out. Great atmosphere, great music and a great selection of drinks. What more could you ask ?

2. Baccarat

Money talks and with the Baccarat club you can see it’s been money well spent. A design budget that eclipsed many Central American countries proves that, in some cases, money can buy you good taste.


1. Cien

Take it or leave it but you can’t ignore it. If you can get past the door staff then you’ll recognise Cien as being one of the best clubs in Krakow. Great dance music and a stellar reputation. This club was made for the beautiful people.

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