Nightlife in Gdansk

10. Pub Key Bell (Sopot)
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If you’re after a bar where the beer is cheap and you don’t have to dress to impress then Pub Key Bell is the place to go. Very unpretentious this no frills bar is a great place to hang out far from the madding crowd.


 9. Spatif  (Sopot)

Originally a local haunt for artists from the stage and theatre Spatift quickly grew into a Bohemian melting pot and was THE place to be. It’s been overtaken in the popularity stakes by other newcomers but is still worth visiting


8. Stacja Deluxe Pub  (Gdansk)

Themed around an American gas station with some creative seating arrangements this bar is great fun. Good selection of cocktails and food make it a popular choice.


7. Klub Wieloryb  (Sopot)

One of the most original bars you are ever likely to visit. Klub Wieloryb (Whale Club) has a nautical theme with a twist. The custom made furniture and wacky decor looks like something from a Jacques Cousteau dream after he’s tripped on absinthe. Very eccentric and totally bonkers !


6. Piekni, mlodzi, bogaci   (Gdansk)

The name means “Beautiful,Young and Rich”. Love it or hate it this club is hard to ignore.Considered by some to be very tacky it is still a popular choice for the young.


5.  Club Mandarynka   (Sopot)

You’ll be enjoying tangerine dreams after visiting this classy club. With it’s orange decor aside Club Mandarynka is a classy venue for the fashion conscious.


4.  Copacabana  (Sopot beach)
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The beach clubs in Sopot come alive in the summer and this is one of them. Hot, Latin sounds and a perfect location right on the beach.


3.   Poklod   (Gdynia)

Based near the pier in Gdynia this place has gained a reputation as being one of the premier live music venues in the Tri City area with a particular emphasis on jazz and blues.


2.  Sfinks
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Considered by some to be one of the best clubbing experiences in Poland. When it’s busy it is VERY busy. It attracts top Polish and international DJ’s. If the doormen think you’re ugly then you may not get past “face control”.


1. Viva Club

One of the best clubs in the country Viva Club has achieved enormous success after only a few short years. Pop stars and top DJ’s all perform. With something going on almost every night Viva Club is the heartbeat of the Tri City nightlife.

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