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Nightlife in Warsaw | A travel guide to Poland

Nightlife in Warsaw

10.  Quo Vadis Palace of  Culture

Located under the Palace of Culture this club has a strong Roman theme to it. There’s even a fountain in the middle of the dance floor if you want to recreate the scene from La Dolce Vita..


9.  Klub Balsam


Quirky, lively and fun are the words that best sum up this club which has become a cult favourite on the Warsaw club scene


8. Miedzy Nami


No neon signs outside this discrete bar which is as a favourite meeting place for artists, models and city slickers. Very cool and laid back.


7. Cafe Wedel


Established in 1851 the people at Wedel can rightly claim to know how to make the best chocolate. The pre-war decor makes for a beautiful setting to enjoy the many delights that Wedel has to offer.


6. Cafe Blikle 


Another favourite for chocolate lovers. Blikel is a Polish institution and have been serving cakes in Warsaw since 1869.star in Warsaw’s chocolate. Cafe Blikel offers a bewildering selection of cakes, drinks and other sugar laden delights.


5.  Cafe Nowy Swiat

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This elegant cafe has been entertaining politicians and the art crowd for over a century. Great place for a coffee and cake watching Warsaw’s movers and shakers.


4. Paparazzi 


Part of an upmarket chain of bars across Poland, Paparazzi is an uber cool cocktail bar. A mixed range of clientele from students to models to executives.

3. Foksal 19  


This luxury nightspot is one of Warsaw’s best.You need to dress to impress to get through the door and even then there’s no guarantee. Foksal 19 is a very popular place for the young and the beautiful.


2. Cinnamon  


Sometimes the best places are the most pretentious. The door staff can sometimes be incredibly rude but it still attracts businessmen, celebrities and fashion models. One of the hottest clubs in Warsaw.


1. Organza  


Not as big as some of Warsaw’s other venues but in clubland atmosphere is everything. Organza may be quite small but it’s perfectly formed and is a favourite amongst Warsaw’s young and beautiful.


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