Sailing on a Mazury lakeAlthough nicknamed as the “Land of a thousand lakes” the Mazury region actually has over four thousand lakes of varying sizes interconnected by a series of canals. The area is a natural haven for sailors, kayakers and anglers but also for lovers of theĀ  “great outdoors”.

Wildlife enthusiasts will not be disappointed either as this area is home to many different species such as storks, deer, elk, boer and even in some parts…….wolves !

The Mazury landscape is actually quite diversified with forest lakes, hills and valleys making it an ideal place for hikers, cyclists and horse-riders.

The Krutynia River is popular amongst kayakers. It’s considered to be an easy river to navigate and is especially suitable for beginners. Along the route are many beautiful lakeside views and quaint little villages by the water’s edge.

History buffs may be interested to learn that “Wolf’s Lair” used by Hitler as a command centre is in the Mazury region in a little village called Gierloz (not far from Ketrzyn). Not much remains of the complex after attempts to blow it up by the retreating Nazis and the invading Red Army. However, there are still some buildings standing including Hitler’s bunker.

The area is also covered in forests making it an ideal place for holiday spot for many Poles (foreign tourists have yet to discover this secret). Small hotels and cabins can be found at the edge of many of the lakes

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