Lazienki Park and Palace in Warsaw

Lazienki Palace in WarsawLazienki Park & Palace lies just south from the centre of Warsaw (about a 15 minute taxi drive from the Palace of Culture). Nicknamed the “Palace on the water” the Lazienki Palace was a royal summer residence and has been lovingly restored to it’s pre war splendour after the Nazis tried but failed to destroy it.

There are two entrances to Lazienki Park. The one closest to the Palace can be found on Ulica Agrykola. The other entrance, the main one, is located on Ulica Belwederska.

Lazienki Palace is located on an artificial island in the middle of two lakes filled with hundreds of carp.

Directly in front of the Palace is a courtyard with steps leading down to one of the lakes. From here, gondola-style boats will take you for a scenic ride around the lake. It is also here that you’re likely to see some of the many peacocks that roam freely around the park.

Surrounding the Palace is an 76 hectare park which makes it the biggest park in Warsaw. It is arguably one of the most enchanting public parks in Europe and is thoroughly charming.

A walk through Lazienki Park on a fine summer’s day gives you a “feel good” factor that’s hard to describe and is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It’s a park designed for strolling and has some truly stunning view points. Dotted across the park and looking across the lake the Palace seems to shimmer and float on the water.

You will inevitably come across some red squirrels on your walk and you will find them surprisingly tame. They are very bold and if you stand in one place trying to take a photo of them you will soon discover that they will run towards you instead of away from you making it hard to get a decent photo of them in focus ! Looking away from the Palace, if you keep to the left, then you will come across a Greek inspired amphitheatre which is usually adorned by strutting peacocks.

There are many hidden treasures around Lazienki Park and part of the delight is stumbling across them whether it be a hidden statue or temple.

A monument to the famous Polish pianist, Frederic Chopin, is also located in the park. Every Sunday from 14th May to 24th September is a free open air concert (between noon and 4pm) which is held at the foot of the monument. Further information can be found at


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