Wilanow Palace in Warsaw

Wilanow Palace in WarsawWilanow Palace is located in a leafy suburb to the south of Warsaw. Dating from the 17th Century the Palace was a summer residence for King Jan Sobieski III.

Wilanow Palace is open to the public with guided tours available although it’s possible to simply wander around the rooms on your own if you prefer. Inside the Palace you will find the sumptuous residential quarters of past monarchs and nobility decorated in the style of the time.

The Palace also houses important historical artifacts as well as priceless pieces of porcelain, art work and furniture.

BehindĀ  Wilanow Palace are the gardens which are kept beautifully manicured and have helped the place earn it’s nickname as the “Polish Versailles”. It’s a wonderful place to stroll and explore the fountains and statues.

A few minutes further away the Palace garden leads to a path that takes you to the riverbank. Here you can hire a rowing boat or just walk along the bank admiring the beautiful serenity of the place.

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