wroclaw Main SquareLargely undiscovered by foreign tourists Wroclaw is something of a hidden gem. Located in South Eastern Poland on the banks of the river Odra the city has earned the nickname of the “Venice of Poland” due to the number of bridges and canals that criss cross the city.


Now a bustling university town, Wroclaw also boasts a picturesque Old Town containing some beautifully restored buildings and facades. The Gothic Town Hall is one of the finest examples of it’s type and boasts an attractive astronomical clock on it’s tower.


Sights not to be missed are the Aula Leopoldina, a breathtaking Baroque hall on the first floor of the University; the Raclawice Panorama painting is a wonderful piece of art. Commemorating a famous military victory the this is an enormous cylindrical painting which is housed in it’s own purpose built rotunda. The painting is rendered almost lifelike by the intelligent use of lighting and props placed in front of the canvas giving the painting an almost 3D effect. Other noteworthy sights are the Japanese Gardens in Szczytnicki Park and the Market Hall (Hala Targowa).


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