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Restaurants in Krakow | A travel guide to Poland

Restaurants in Krakow

10. Restaurant Grand


Transport yourself back to pre-war Poland in this delightful restaurant situated within the famous Grand Hotel. This place has “form” having welcomed foreign heads of state, Hollywood glitterati and even Margaret Thatcher.

9. Florianksa Restaurant


A high quality restaurant with realistic prices. Florianska Restaurant boasts impressive interiors, great food and excellent service.

8.  Wisniowy Sad


Wisniowy Sad and it’s sister restaurant, Kalinka, serve up authentic Russian food at very reasonable prices. I can personally recommend the Ukrainian borscht soup.


7. Amadeus Restaurant


Shakespeare once wrote “If music be the food of love then play on”. The Amadeus echoes this sentiment in this Mozart inspired restaurant. The kitchen is conducted by an award winning chef ensuring the Amadeus restaurant is not a novelty eatery.
6. Klezmer Hois  


Situated in the Kazimierz district of Krakow this restaurant offers authentic Jewish cuisine accompanied by Jewish music. Unpretentious and homely, the Klezmer Hoise is one of the most popular restaurants in Kazimierz.


5. Pod Aniolami


THE destination for many stag nights. As with any other similar type of club the drinks here are very expensive so be warned.


4. Aqua e Vino


Very friendly staff provide a warm atmosphere in arguably the best Italian restaurant in town.


3. Cyrano de Bergerac


This French restaurant provides one of the finest dining experiences in Krakow. Voted the 6th best restaurant in Poland.


2. Villa Decius


This exclusive restaurant offers a world class dining experience but it isn’t cheap. If you can afford it then Villa Decius won’t disappoint.

1. Wierzynek


Great food, great service, great history, great view overlooking the Main Square.





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