Weather in Poland

Contrary to some misconceived beliefs, Poland does not derive it’s name from the North Pole. Polar bears do NOT live in Poland and it isn’t cold all the year round.

Poland covers most of the same latitude range as the U.K. and it may surprise some people to learn that arguably the U.K. lies closer to the North Pole !

The weather in Poland generally conforms with the four seasons.

Spring weather in Poland

Spring starts in March and although it’s still possible to have a cold snap at this time it’s also equally possible that an early heatwave could arrive. As March moves into April and May then you can expect plenty of sunshine with increasing temperatures. It’s not unusual to have temperatures of between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit in April and May !

Summer weather in Poland

Although Poland can enjoy hot temperatures in the Spring it’s in the summer months when things can really start to heat up. Poland has long, hot, Continental summers and you can generally expect to have at least a good four weeks of hot, sunny weather at some point in the summer months. This brings with it the inevitable thunderstorms and thunderstorms on the Continent can be dramatic and violent. Poland is also prone to summer deluges but once the rain stops then the clouds normally disperse to allow the air to warm up again.

Autumn weather in Poland

September in Poland is often regarded as one of the best months. Temperatures are generally in the 70’s which makes it much more bearable than the intense heat of the summer months. Evenings in September can be surprisingly chilly, especially near the sea. September and October is also the time to admire the glorious Autumnal colours of the Polish landscape and Poland can give New England a good run for it’s money in this department. In November, temperatures can drop significantly and quite frankly anything is possible e.g. snow, wind, rain etc.

Winter weather in Poland

Polish winters can be extremely cold and it’s not unusual for temperatures to fall below – 20 C degrees. However, these bitter conditions are not necessarily maintained for very long but one should prepare for them nevertheless. Winter in Poland brings it’s own beauty and heavy snowfalls transform the skeletal forests into “postcard perfect” images. Most Poles will tell you that snow in Poland isn’t what you’re probably used to in the U.K. The snow in Poland tends to be less “sloshy” and when accompanied by clear blue skies can really be a beautiful time of the year. As a country accustomed to harsh winters the Poles have different ways of making the most of the winter snowfall. Many places offer sleigh rides through the forests concluding the trail with a winter barbecue around an open fire and copious amounts of hearty food and drink.





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